Watercolour Sketchbook Tour

Last month I filled a full watercolour sketchbook! The sketchbook I used is the Pentalic Aqua Journal.

(can be found here: https://www.amazon.ca/Pentalic-100-Percent-Cotton-Watercolor-Journal/dp/B00479VQOE)

I bought mine at Opus last May, but they don’t carry it anymore so I ordered another one off amazon and can’t wait to paint in my new sketchbook this Summer. The portable size makes it easy to bring along with you wherever you go, and most of the pages in here were sketches/quick paintings that I did outside in the park or at the beach. It would also make a great travel journal! Regardless if you like to paint outside or not, the smaller size and landscape format makes it more approachable than some of the bigger sketchbooks out there, and would recommend it to beginners and advanced artists alike.

Most of my paintings were done in plein air. Here are some sketchbook pages from last Summer:


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