Christmas Break 2020 (+Organizing my workspace)

Hope everyone had a relaxing and peaceful Christmas break! I was happy to get back into painting mode and after organizing and decorating my room I started the New year feeling more inspired.

Alta Lake, December 2020

I made homemade Christmas cards this year:

Normally, I like to use the Strathmore Watercolor Cards from Opus, but they sold out so I bought the mixed media set instead. The paper couldn’t hold much water though, so I ended up cutting small rectangles of the Stonehenge Aqua Hotpress paper (which I usually use) and glued that down onto the cards. For the paint, I used a combination of student grade paints and fintec watercolours. I love my Finetec watercolour set and find them especially useful for painting winter scenes or for making cards as it comes with a range of cool tones plus they’re sparkly so it adds a nice, decorative touch.

Blank 5x7 Watercolor Cards and envelopes for artist card making –  CutCardStock

Cookie break! They turned out delicious and will definitely make again 😋 (I recommend this recipe: https://www.gimmesomeoven.com/chewy-ginger-molasses-cookies/)

In 2021, I want to be more consistent with my painting, and I know that I am more motivated when my room is organized so I made a few adjustments. I also rearranged my painting wall and made space to add new artwork.

Hung up some of my more recent watercolour paintings and got photos printed to remind me of past trips and to inspire me to get outdoors, be active and travel again in the future (when Covid dies down of course).

Adding some greenery to give the space some more life. I spray painted a metal flower pot from Ikea in that mint green shade. The other pot, candle and golden organizer were all thrift store finds.

I found a DIY neon sign set when cleaning my room and was inspired by the minimal line art illustration that I found on pinterest down below:

ALexis Beauclair

Here’s the final result! Is it one profile? Is it two people kissing? A lightning strike? I don’t know but I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.

My goal for 2021 is to keep painting, learn some new techniques, do more digital art and get a new phone (yes, I am aware that my screen is cracked) so that I can film some time lapse videos of my artwork and take photos without worrying whether or not there’s enough storage. Ultimately, my goal is to keep learning as much as I can, focus more on my School and graphic design work and share what I learn with others along the way 🙂

I wish everyone a good year ahead and thanks for stopping by!