Painting bunnies at Jericho beach

I rediscovered my love for biking this year, and when it’s a nice day out there’s no place I rather be than at the beach.

I felt so free riding in the wind, just me and my backpack, taking in all the sounds and smells of Summer. Inside my bag I always like to keep a towel and swimsuit, along with some snacks and art supplies- that way I have no excuse not to paint!

I saw some bunnies on the side of the trail, and I was ready to take a break, so I stopped to paint them.

I think bunnies are easier to paint than most animals, as you can easily break them down into simple shapes. I also discovered that adding some more colour while the first layer is still wet helps give the bunnies a more ‘fluffy’ appearance. I went for a more gestural style and stuck with a minimal colour palette for this piece. When drawing from life, I try not to get too hung up on the details- besides, it’s quite hard to capture a moving animal, so when in doubt, simplify!

After painting the bunnies, I kept biking until I reached a more secluded beach. The sky was cloudy and grey, almost identical in colour as the ocean below. The water was calm when I arrived. For a moment, everything was still. No traffic buzzing, cyclists passing, or notifications stealing my attention. In reality, I wasn’t very far from the city- soon I’d be on the road again, peddling through busy English Bay, but for now, I was somewhere else- a place where I was unbothered, connected with nature and at peace with myself.

Quick painting, followed by a swim.

Also, I started a Youtube channel! Same name as the blog.

I’ll be posting process videos of my work there and hopefully some tips and tutorials in the future as well.

Here’s my first video:


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