About the Blog:

Hey! My name is Tasha and welcome to my blog. The Watercolour Diaries is a place where I document my artistic journey and share what I learn along the way. I also have a youtube channel under the same name!

Artist Statement:

My paintings are inspired by many different things: summer memories, daydreams, places I’ve visited and hope to visit, connection, introspection, growth, and simple everyday moments that bring us joy. I find the process of painting in watercolours very meditative and find it liberating to be in a flow state. My approach is more intuitive than it is technical; I am more fascinated in capturing energy and emotion than focusing on details. I would say that my style is fluid and endlessly evolving. I’ve kept journals and sketchbooks since I was very young, and find it reassuring to carry around a world of my own to get lost in. I am so glad that I didn’t allow fear and self-doubt stop me from pursuing what I love, and look forward to continue expressing myself through my art. 


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