A blog about following your heart

One day I’ll go travel. One day I’ll pick up my paint brush. One day I’ll start a blog…

And then one day, I simply got tired of waiting for one day. 

Up until that point, I felt like I should be happy. I had just graduated with a degree in graphic design, and I thought it was the sensible career path for me. I could use my creativity and make money from it; it was a win-win, right? 

Well, not exactly…

Deep down I wanted to be an artist. I opted for design because I thought it was the safer route. Except what I came to realize after getting my degree, was that finding a job in the design industry wasn’t so easy either…

There’s a quote I love by Jim Carrey; he said, “you can fail at what you don’t want, so might as well take a chance doing what you love.”

So I did.

I had another dream, and that was to travel.

A week following my 24th birthday, I curiously stumbled upon a one way plane ticket. 

The thought of venturing into the unknown was nerve racking, but picturing myself stuck in the exact same spot was unbearable. I hit confirm before fear tried to convince me otherwise, and during a time when I didn’t feel ready, going ahead and getting that ticket anyways was the best thing I could have possibly done!

I ended up spending 4 months in Europe, 3 of which I spent volunteering in the Canary Islands. My time in Tenerife felt like a dream; (and at times, a soap opera 😂). I’m beyond grateful I got to live in such a magical place! What stood out to me the most, apart from the climate, was the warmth of the people; connection was what made my trip so healing and transformative.

You can read about my experience over here: coming soon*

I’m aware that traveling is a huge privilege, and I consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity that I did. That being said, it was years of feeling stuck, dealing with health issues and simply reaching a point of desperation that ultimately served as the catalyst for leaving. Being fed up is a blessing, it’s what propels us into action. I think many of us take our health for granted, especially in our twenties. We assume that it’s a given. I realized early on that there’s no guarantee. The pandemic taught me how little control we truly have in life. During that time, I struggled with chronic pain and I dreamed about moving my body as effortlessly as I did before. It was an incredible feeling, to go from struggling to climb up the stairs to climbing up El Tiede, Tenerife’s famous volcano…

Ok, maybe I didn’t go up to the top of El Tiede (next time I will 😉) BUT I did hike around Tiede National Park and saw the most spectacular sunset over a sea of clouds. It was totally out of this world; it made all the pain I went through worth it, and I will forever be grateful for that experience!

I found it incredibly hard to come back to “reality” after that. Nothing compared to the high of living in the moment.

I wrote an article about post travel blues over here: *coming soon

When I got back home, I wanted to keep pursuing the things I love, and naturally, that lead me to writing and well, now this blog. 

I thought starting a travel blog would be a good place to start. But then, part of me also wanted to blog about art…I couldn’t decide on a niche; I had so many interests, how could I choose only one?

But when I thought better; about art, travel, writing, it all boiled down to one thing:

Following your heart

And then I realized that THAT was what I wanted, no needed, to write about.

But what does that actually look like? What happens when we take the road less travelled?

I’m determined to find out…

I recall the class where we had to write about our 5 year vision plan. Mine went something like this: 

• Start working as a junior designer at a design agency

• After a few years, work my way up the corporate ladder and become an art director

• After 5+ years, start freelancing so that you can go travel 

Did I truly want that, or did I think that’s what I was supposed to want?

Since then, my vision plan changed drastically. And it will keep changing and that’s OK. After all, aren’t your twenties the time to take risks and try new things?

I didn’t know that it was possible to volunteer at hostels in exchange for a place to stay. I didn’t know that there are hippies on Tenerife who live in caves. You forget that there’s a great, vast ocean out there when you spend your life swimming in a fish tank. The saying is accurate; the more you know, the more you realize you don’t know. I’m eager to learn, explore and grow, and I want this blog to be a place where I document just that.

I will always remember that day when I saw that deal, and how in that moment, I saw two versions of myself: one who resisted change and one who embraced it.

I wasn’t going to let anxiety win. There’s a big wide world out there and I wasn’t going to spend my one precious life hiding from it.

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