My daily journal practice (journaling for anxiety)

Today I wanted to share a little bit about another hobby of mine (journaling)! Similarly to my art, it’s something I started doing more regularly during the pandemic. It’s been a year now since I first used my bullet journal, and in the process I developed a daily journaling practice that I’ve stuck to, so I thought I’d show what that looks like in case it could inspire others out there who want to get into it! I have found journaling to be a great way to manage anxiety, especially during the pandemic.

I’ve broken down what my journaling practice here, it’s something I try to do it every night.

  1. Gratitude

The first part of my routine is writing in my gratitude journal. I like to end each day with thinking about something that made me happy earlier in the day, and then I write down a sentence or two about it. I like to do this as it helps me focus on the positive and reminds me that there are always moments in the day that mean something and feel special. I started this practice in January 2020 when I came across this cute notebook in a dollar store…just a few months later, the pandemic happened and I ended up sticking to this little ritual because I like to acknowledge the things that I am grateful for, and on the days where I don’t feel so great, I can always look back and read what I wrote and that usually makes me feel better. It reminds me that everything we go through is temporary, and that we simply don’t know what tomorrow awaits.

2. Daily Writing

The next thing I like to do is write a little about the day, what happened, how I feel, etc. Like a daily check in basically. I don’t go over more than a page, I try to keep it short usually. I like to do this because it serves as an outlet for me and reduces some of that negative chatter I get before bedtime. I tend to overthink a lot, so writing helps me reflect on things and lets me step out a bit so I can view things more rationally.

3. Bullet Journaling

Finally, I like to use my bullet journal. There is a proper technique for this, but I basically use it to track down habits and a couple other things, and then when it comes to planning I use an actual planner, because I find it more practical that way. I try to focus more on the functionality aspect of bullet journaling rather than spend time making the spreads look pretty, although I like to have a few nice spreads in there too!

(The one I use can be found here: https://www.amazon.ca/Bullet-Journal-Cactus-Notebook-Dotted/dp/1546631348)

To track down habits, what I do is create a page for each month and then write the dates on top, and on the left I write a list of habits I want to do daily and then check off the ones I did. I also keep a spread for weekly and monthly habits. I like to do this because it keeps me organized and find that writing in a journal keeps me more accountable when it comes to working towards my goals, and it’s rewarding to see your progress. I also like to track my mood, and use this journal to record reading lists, movies I want to watch, dreams, and for tracking my cycle. There are so many uses for a bullet journal, and the best part is that you can customize it however you want!

So that’s what my journaling routine looks like. It may sound like a lot, but it takes me no more than 5-10 minutes, and I definitely think it’s worth it. I am glad that I committed to it for a year now, and during the process I tried many different forms of journaling and honed in on what worked best for me which is basically this routine that I’m sharing. Journaling really helped with my mental health, and while I think it’s best to reach out to friends or talk to someone, the pandemic has been isolating at times, and during those moments of isolation journaling and writing can be a really great outlet.


My painting process and finding resilience during the pandemic

Like a lotus flower,

we too have the ability to rise from the mud,

bloom out of the darkness,

and radiate into this world.

This piece was inspired by the prompt of resilience. I chose to paint a lotus flower, because they symbolize transformation and enlightenment and thought it was well suited for the theme. Here’s what my painting process looked like:

1. Brainstorming/finding your reference photo

I start with brainstorming and sketching out ideas, (on paper) and then I browse online for reference photos. It’s easier to find your desired pose once you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for in your head already. I usually stick with google images, Pinterest, Unsplash, and Pexels (Unsplash and Pexels has a great selection of free stock photos to use and I also usually use these two sites for design projects as well). Sometimes I’ll save photos on Instagram too, but I always make sure to ask permission from the photographer first before using their image as reference.

2. Tracing/sketching your image

For this particular painting, I traced my reference photo with an Apple Pencil using the app Procreate on my iPad Pro. I did a simple outline and then printed it out. This isn’t what I normally do, but for the sake of saving time, I thought it made more sense. After, I took the printed photo and placed it face down on the paper I was going to paint on. I used hot press watercolour paper, as I like the smooth surface and find it easier for layering. With the printed sketch face down on my watercolour paper, I took a pencil and sketched overtop of my outline leaving a faint imprint underneath, which I then cleaned up a bit using a mechanical pencil. I find it easier to get thin, clean lines using a mechanical pencil.

3. Painting

Next is the fun part: painting! For this particular piece, I used a mix of my set of Finetec watercolours and some student quality watercolour paints by the brand Angora. I usually end up using whichever paints I have handy…of course better quality paints produce better results, but you don’t necessarily need to spend lots of money when you’re starting out. My approach is more intuitive than it is technical, and I believe the best way to learn is through lots of experimentation. I also normally stick with two brushes when I paint, one medium sized one and a smaller one for details, they’re both rounded brushes, and I like how you can get a variety of strokes with them. One ‘rule’ I do stick to is that I always go from light to dark when painting, and find that it’s always better to leave more white space, as you can add more colour later, but can’t do the reverse and take away colour once it’s on your page. It’s very easy to overwork watercolours, so that’s something I try to look out for. For this piece for example, I left the negative space and it still reads as a boxing ring, so you don’t necessarily have to always take the most literal approach and fill the whole page if you don’t want to. After all, the aim with painting should be whatever you make of it, I don’t think you need to go hyper realistic in order for your art to be considered ‘good’.

4. Taking photos of my artwork/editing (for when I’m posting online)

Most importantly, I like to make sure that I’m taking my photos in is nicely lit room. I use my Nikon camera for this, the range of lens is 18mm to 140mm, and I set it on 35mm (which is slightly zoomed in) so that I get rid of the fish eye effect. To photograph my artwork, I normally place it on a wall or on the ground/my desk, while making sure that the lighting is even when taking the photo. After, I bring it over to Photoshop, and the first thing I do is adjust levels (Command + L) and make sure that the sliders are within the white part. Then, I’ll usually clean up the illustration by making the background white, and to do this I’ll select my illustration using the lasso tool (L) and delete on the part I want to erase. (But before that I hit Command+Shift+I to inverse my selection before deleting it.) I’ll also use the eraser tool (E) to clean up some parts if required. Sometimes I’ll adjust the brightness and contrast, but I usually already achieve that by using levels, and don’t want my illustration to appear overly edited, so I tend to keep editing to a minimum! Finally, I’ll upload the photo to a grid preview app for Instagram to see what it would look like (there’s a lot of free ones on the App Store) and then post it to the ‘gram.

My summer, experience with the pandemic, and what has helped me in times of uncertainty:

A little update…

I didn’t finish this article earlier so I’m writing it now, at the end of Summer. It’s been a really strange year to say the least. I had a knee injury right after having a full course load of online School…that was back in April, and it’s still bugging me now. Running and biking has always been something I looked forward to, especially after the months of rain and being stuck indoors. I realized that I can’t always rely on my exercise routine to feel better, and that I have taken it for granted. I am very thankful for the fact that I have other outlets, like writing and painting. And of course talking to friends always helps, but it’s harder when you can’t see them in person. I won’t go into too much detail, but basically one thing that has helped me is shifting focus to what is within my control rather than dwelling on the things I can’t change…it’s important to accept the situation you’re in and acknowledge realistically how much you are able to do. Oh and I also had to take an online stats course…so that was rough. But I like to believe that if I’ve survived months of isolation, insomnia, an online class in the summer, chronic pain and then Covid at the end of Summer to finish it off, I could make it through anything. 😂 At least this has made me more resilient, and at a certain point it almost becomes funny…I suppose humour is some what of a coping mechanism but it helps and I can’t wait for things to return to normal again, whatever that will look like. And I don’t want to give the impression that my Summer was all bad, either. Because it was full of many unexpected and wonderful moments. I joined my family for a trip on the island, and even though I was gone for a few days, the time I spent in nature was so restorative, and I forgot how powerful a change in scenery can be. Afterwards, we went on another trip to see my cousins wedding in Calgary, so that was really nice and the drive back through the Rockies was very scenic, we were lucky to have dodged the wildfires as we headed home.

Anyways, I’ve had to adapt now due to my injury and I’m focusing more on other outlets, like painting, journaling and making youtube videos. There is so much going on in the world and having some sort of routine that you can stick to seriously helps, it’s nice when you have a constant in your life amidst all this craziness! Also, I found that reducing time spent on social media, and being more intentional with it has helped. I will go into more detail about journaling in my next post, as I specifically break down what my daily journaling practice looks like. Having a positive mindset really helps, not in a way that’s forced, but simply redirecting my attention to what is going well rather than what isn’t, and finding gratitude in the little moments has made a huge difference for me!


Watercolour Portrait Timelapse (2 Colour Challenge!)

I came across an interesting photo on Pinterest the other day so decided to paint it! I was running low on paint, so I stuck with my tubes of primary colours, using only blue and red (and a tiny bit of black and white). Sometimes using a limited colour palette helps because you don’t spend as much time mixing and blending, and can jump right in with the painting. Also, I don’t normally work in larger scale, so this was good practice. I used Arches cold pressed watercolour paper for this piece, and for the paint I used Opus essentials watercolours.

Here’s what I used for reference:

Here’s the final result:


Watercolour Sketchbook Tour

Last month I filled a full watercolour sketchbook! The sketchbook I used is the Pentalic Aqua Journal.

(can be found here: https://www.amazon.ca/Pentalic-100-Percent-Cotton-Watercolor-Journal/dp/B00479VQOE)

I bought mine at Opus last May, but they don’t carry it anymore so I ordered another one off amazon and can’t wait to paint in my new sketchbook this Summer. The portable size makes it easy to bring along with you wherever you go, and most of the pages in here were sketches/quick paintings that I did outside in the park or at the beach. It would also make a great travel journal! Regardless if you like to paint outside or not, the smaller size and landscape format makes it more approachable than some of the bigger sketchbooks out there, and would recommend it to beginners and advanced artists alike.

Most of my paintings were done in plein air. Here are some sketchbook pages from last Summer:


Paint/Cook with Me! Ground Turkey Teriyaki Bowl

I have spent a lot of time painting and cooking over the pandemic and been saving my favourite recipes on Pinterest along the way. I love to trying out recipes I find online, but I usually end up making some sort of substitution or change because I’m missing some of the ingredients or to suit my preference. Because of this, I decided to create a recipe book! This way I can have my favourite recipes accessible to me at all times and I won’t forget how I made each recipe. Plus it gives me the chance to work on my food illustrations, so it’s a win win!

I’ve mostly been following existing recipes from other blogs, (which I’ll be sure to link!) but eventually I would like to focus more on making recipes of my own.

Most of the recipes that I’ll be putting in this book will be dinner recipes, with an emphasis on what’s healthy, quick and simple to make. As a student, I know that it’s tempting and a lot easier to make instant noodles, but I think that cooking is such a useful skill to have, and I’m determined to show that you don’t have to compromise on health in order to enjoy a tasty meal!

I added a little less sugar and soy sauce than the original recipe required, but it still turned out to be very flavourful!

So without further ado, here’s the first page and recipe from my recipe book:

Ground Turkey Teriyaki Bowl (Originally from: https://www.yellowblissroad.com/teriyaki-turkey-rice-bowl/)

*Serves 4-6 people

  1. First, put rice to cook using a rice cooker.
  2. Next, make the sauce. In a bowl put 1/2 cup water, 1/4 soy sauce, 1 tbsp brown sugar, 1 tbsp flour/cornstarch, and 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar/red wine vinegar. Cut up 2-3 cloves of garlic and add to the sauce.
  3. Heat sauce over medium/high heat for 2 to 3 minutes, then set aside.
  4. Using the same pan, add a bit of oil and 1/2 onion and cook on medium heat. Then add two packages (1 pound) of ground turkey.
  5. While the ground turkey is cooking, peel 2/3 carrots and cut them into small pieces and add them to the turkey while it’s still cooking.
  6. In a small pot, add water to boil for frozen broccoli. If you have any other vegetables lying around, feel free to add those! I added one bell pepper.
  7. Once the water is boiling, add about a cup or so of frozen broccoli. Cook for 3-4 minutes. (I personally like the broccoli when it’s on the crunchier side) 
  8. Finally, cut the broccoli and add to the turkey and vegetable mixture.
  9. Add the sauce and let it cook for another few minutes or until turkey is completely cooked.
  10. Serve over rice and enjoy!

100 Days of Painting!

At the start of 2021, I took part in the 100 day projects initiated by illustrator Sabina Fenn (#100dayswithsabina!). I set out on this challenge because I wanted to improve my watercolour skills, and the only way to do that is through practice! By painting daily, I learned to stay disciplined, work more efficiently, and let go of my perfectionism. Some days were better than others, but it felt so good in the end to look back and see what I created!

PS: I compiled my paintings into a youtube video:

Day 1 Cafe
Day 2 Yoga
Day 3 Ocean
Day 4 Lounging
Day 5 Dogs
Day 6 Flowers
Day 8 Pajamas

Day 9 Zebra
Day 10 Patterns
Day 11 Seascape
Day 12 Surf
Day 13 Coffee
Day 14 Home Office
Day 15 Koala
Day 16 Self-Portrait

Day 18 Apres-Ski
Day 19 Jeans
Day 20 Cats
Day 21 Breakfast
Day 22 Pandemic
Day 23 Venice
Day 24 Tea time
Day 25 Houseplant
Day 26 Peace of mind
Day 27 Cozy day in
Day 28 Movie
Day 29 Landscape
Day 30 Favourite Object
Day 31 Plant
Day 32 Underwater
Day 33 Palm tree
Day 34 Galentines
Day 35 Valentines
Day 36 Birds
Day 37 Pool day
Day 38 Still life
Day 39 Matcha
Day 40 Map
Day 41 Tropical Plant
Day 42 Hobby
Day 43 Morocco
Day 44 Matisse
Day 45 Deer
Day 46 Fave city
Day 47 Shoes
Day 48 Day dream
Day 49 Faces
Day 50 Body
Day 51 Vacation
Day 52 Vintage car
Day 53 My pet
Day 54 Hat
Day 55 Waterfall
Day 56 Art supplies
Day 57 Sea shell
Day 58 Flat lay

Day 59 Forest
Day 60 Baguette
Day 61 Greece
Day 62 Fruit
Day 63 Sweets
Day 64 Memory
Day 65 Women
Day 66 Green
Day 67 Self care
Day 68 Beret
Day 69 Dress
Day 70 Side profile
Day 71 Strawberry
Day 72 Wild animal
Day 73 Tiles
Day 74 My bedroom
Day 75 Umbrella
Day 76 Veggies
Day 77 Plants
Day 78 Desert
Day 79 Colour
Day 80 Gardening
Day 81 Spring
Day 82 Ritual
Day 83 Rabbit
Day 84 Easter
Day 85 Bathing Suit
Day 86 Art gallery
Day 87 Picnic
Day 88 Butterfly
Day 89 Bicycle
Day 90 Rain forest
Day 91 Bouquet
Day 92 Window
Day 93 Book
Day 94 My outfit
Day 95 Reading
Day 96 My best self
Day 97 Sunset
Day 98 Nostalgic
Day 99 Dreamhouse
Day 100 Earth

Christmas Break 2020 (+Organizing my workspace)

Hope everyone had a relaxing and peaceful Christmas break! I was happy to get back into painting mode and after organizing and decorating my room I started the New year feeling more inspired.

Alta Lake, December 2020

I made homemade Christmas cards this year:

Normally, I like to use the Strathmore Watercolor Cards from Opus, but they sold out so I bought the mixed media set instead. The paper couldn’t hold much water though, so I ended up cutting small rectangles of the Stonehenge Aqua Hotpress paper (which I usually use) and glued that down onto the cards. For the paint, I used a combination of student grade paints and fintec watercolours. I love my Finetec watercolour set and find them especially useful for painting winter scenes or for making cards as it comes with a range of cool tones plus they’re sparkly so it adds a nice, decorative touch.

Blank 5x7 Watercolor Cards and envelopes for artist card making –  CutCardStock

Cookie break! They turned out delicious and will definitely make again 😋 (I recommend this recipe: https://www.gimmesomeoven.com/chewy-ginger-molasses-cookies/)

In 2021, I want to be more consistent with my painting, and I know that I am more motivated when my room is organized so I made a few adjustments. I also rearranged my painting wall and made space to add new artwork.

Hung up some of my more recent watercolour paintings and got photos printed to remind me of past trips and to inspire me to get outdoors, be active and travel again in the future (when Covid dies down of course).

Adding some greenery to give the space some more life. I spray painted a metal flower pot from Ikea in that mint green shade. The other pot, candle and golden organizer were all thrift store finds.

I found a DIY neon sign set when cleaning my room and was inspired by the minimal line art illustration that I found on pinterest down below:

ALexis Beauclair

Here’s the final result! Is it one profile? Is it two people kissing? A lightning strike? I don’t know but I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.

My goal for 2021 is to keep painting, learn some new techniques, do more digital art and get a new phone (yes, I am aware that my screen is cracked) so that I can film some time lapse videos of my artwork and take photos without worrying whether or not there’s enough storage. Ultimately, my goal is to keep learning as much as I can, focus more on my School and graphic design work and share what I learn with others along the way 🙂

I wish everyone a good year ahead and thanks for stopping by!


Best of the Month

September 2020

September is a time of change and new beginnings. I decided that this would be the perfect time to create a new routine and start painting again.

I wanted to challenge myself by painting something every day. I found a list of prompts online so that’s what I’ll be using for reference.

Click to access art-themes.pdf

I started in the middle of the month rather than waiting until October. I also got my first bullet journal and started using it now rather than waiting till January. I believe that when we wait for the “right time” to start something, it will never happen, so why not start now?

Listing the prompts

Here’s what I learned so far:

  • Painting is more time consuming than I thought
  • It’s hard to know when a piece is finished, when in doubt it’s better to leave it than overwork it
  • I spend way too much time browsing through photos on Pinterest 😅
  • Blank pages don’t intimidate me as much anymore, I’m no longer afraid to make mistakes, because even if I mess up I know that I’ll be painting something new tomorrow

My very first piece 😊

Day 1 Happy
My dog Luna ❤️
Day 3 Sleep
Day 2 Beautiful
Day 6 Secret
Day 13 Friendship

I used a reference photo of my friends and I, I liked the pink light in the photo and thought it would make a good painting.

It’s also the newest addition to my wall 🙂


Painting bunnies at Jericho beach

I rediscovered my love for biking this year, and when it’s a nice day out there’s no place I rather be than at the beach.

I felt so free riding in the wind, just me and my backpack, taking in all the sounds and smells of Summer. Inside my bag I always like to keep a towel and swimsuit, along with some snacks and art supplies- that way I have no excuse not to paint!

I saw some bunnies on the side of the trail, and I was ready to take a break, so I stopped to paint them.

I think bunnies are easier to paint than most animals, as you can easily break them down into simple shapes. I also discovered that adding some more colour while the first layer is still wet helps give the bunnies a more ‘fluffy’ appearance. I went for a more gestural style and stuck with a minimal colour palette for this piece. When drawing from life, I try not to get too hung up on the details- besides, it’s quite hard to capture a moving animal, so when in doubt, simplify!

After painting the bunnies, I kept biking until I reached a more secluded beach. The sky was cloudy and grey, almost identical in colour as the ocean below. The water was calm when I arrived. For a moment, everything was still. No traffic buzzing, cyclists passing, or notifications stealing my attention. In reality, I wasn’t very far from the city- soon I’d be on the road again, peddling through busy English Bay, but for now, I was somewhere else- a place where I was unbothered, connected with nature and at peace with myself.

Quick painting, followed by a swim.

Also, I started a Youtube channel! Same name as the blog.

I’ll be posting process videos of my work there and hopefully some tips and tutorials in the future as well.

Here’s my first video:




About the Blog:

Hey! My name is Tasha and welcome to my blog. The Watercolour Diaries is a place where I document my artistic journey and share what I learn along the way. I also have a youtube channel under the same name!

Artist Statement:

My paintings are inspired by many different things: summer memories, daydreams, places I’ve visited and hope to visit, connection, introspection, growth, and simple everyday moments that bring us joy. I find the process of painting in watercolours very meditative and find it liberating to be in a flow state. My approach is more intuitive than it is technical; I am more fascinated in capturing energy and emotion than focusing on details. I would say that my style is fluid and endlessly evolving. I’ve kept journals and sketchbooks since I was very young, and find it reassuring to carry around a world of my own to get lost in. I am so glad that I didn’t allow fear and self-doubt stop me from pursuing what I love, and look forward to continue expressing myself through my art.